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3D Characters For 3D Print & Games.

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Zombie Hunter – 3D-print

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About me

I'm a highly creative and driven Character Artist with a diverse range of skills and styles. This is my freelance portfolio that show some of my work.

- I specialize in Digital sculpting and Character design.
- I am very proficient in ZBrush and Photoshop.
- I have production experience from AAA games, online games and indie games.

Services that I provide:

Character Design
Character Concepts
3D modelling
3D Print designs
3D Print final printed product
High and Low resolution models
Game Art
Model Kits

Featured Artist on

13th August 2014 By Ola

I got featured on! Here’s what they’re all about:

“Mold3D is a site dedicated to artists who share an interest in 3D printing and want to learn how to master this exciting medium.¬†Our mission is to encourage 3D Modelers, Sculptors, Designers and 3D Print enthusiasts to come together in one place to learn, share, promote and be inspired!”

New Thingiverse give away!

8th April 2014 By Ola

The other day I added a new model on my Thingiverse page. He is called “ACHFOS – Alien Creature Head From Outer Space”.

Download and print!

Upcoming Shapeways 3D-print

8th April 2014 By Ola

Here’s a 3D-print I’m finishing up. I will sell this one at Shapeways in a not to distant future. I call him BigBot.